1. The producer of the news station posted an article about the high school’s football championship ceremony on a new website. The website had 500 views after four hours. Create a table to show how many views the website would have had after the first, second, and third hours after posting, if the website receives views at the same rate. How many views would the website receive after 5 hours?2. Write an equation that represents the relationship from Problem 1. Do you see any connections between the equations you wrote and the ratio of the number of views to the number of hours?3. Use the table in Problem 1 to make a list of ordered pairs that you could plot on a coordinate plane.4. Graph the ordered pairs on a coordinate plane. Label your axes and create a title for the graph.5. Use multiple tools to predict how many views the website would have after 12 hours.

Accepted Solution

Answer:1. hours / views 1. / 125 2. / 250 3. / 375 4. / 500 5. / 6252. f(x)= 125 x views=125.hoursThe slope of the function equals the visits of each hour.3. (1;125) (2;250) (3;375) (4;500) (5;625)4. "views as a function of hours"5. in 12 hours the website will have f(12)=125 . 12 = 1500 views.we can see in the plot that the line gets to that number for 8